Pacific Health Clinic is the trusted immigration health clinic serving the Antioch and San Leandro, CA, area. We provide comprehensive immigration evaluations, immigration medical exams, I-693 form completion and required vaccinations at our facility. We have been providing these immigration health care services for green card applicants to our community for over 12 years, and have completed over 20,000 immigration examinations. We understand that each patient's medical examination is unique, and some cases may require special attention. Our caring and dedicated team of experienced professionals will work with you to find the most convenient scheduling and to ensure that your specific needs are met. We also provide you with a completed copy of I-693 form.

Convenient Locations:
For your convenience, our offices are located at easily accessible locations with ample free parking.

1040 Davis St, Ste 103, San Leandro, CA 94577
3700 Delta Fair Blvd #211, Antioch, CA 94509

What you need to bring to the clinic:
• Photo identification such as Passport, Driver's License, or any other official form of photo ID.
• Any vaccination records.

Family discount: $20 discount on each exam for a family of 3 or more




Same Day Appointments Available

We offer same-day appointments to provide flexibility, allowing you to seek medical care when you need it most without the hassle of waiting for extended periods.



Immigration Clinic in San Leandro
Great Service
At an Affordable Price


Years of Experience

Over 20,000

Immigration Examinations Completed
100% Customer Satisfaction


Days a Week
Available: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday


Our clinic offers friendly, expedient, and convenient immigration healthcare services. We provide the lowest total cost for exams and offer on-site vaccines.

We make every effort to save you money and time, coordinate with the local labs, and provide low-cost vaccinations.

Medical/physical exam, I-693 form completion, and lab package (all inclusive): $325
$20 off for applicants under the age of 18 and over 45.

Family discount: $20 discount on each exam for a family of 3 or more.

Lab test's special package includes TB QuantiFERON, gonorrhea, and syphilis. USCIS I-693 required tests are done by an independent accredited lab with nearby locations. As per USCIS requirements, these lab tests must be ordered by a civil surgeon and are not accepted through other parties. We will provide you with orders and guidance regarding labs after the medical exam. Children less than 18 and adults over 45 years of age require only a TB QuantiFERON test.

Vaccinations: we will use your existing record. If any vaccines are missing, you can get vaccines from us or from anyone else, wherever is convenient and cheaper for you. Your insurance may cover the vaccination cost. If your insurance does not cover vaccinations, we can give you vaccines on-site at an extremely competitive cost. For a breakdown of cost, please see frequently asked questions below.

Reimbursement: Medical exam is not reimbursed by insurance. However, your employer may pay for medical exam-related expenses, or your HSA or FSA Card may cover expenses. We will give you a receipt for reimbursement.

Payment: We accept cash & all credit cards.

Our email: [email protected]


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We offer same-day appointments to provide flexibility, allowing you to seek medical care when you need it most without the hassle of waiting for extended periods.


    Gabriela Linares
    Really nice experience. The Pacifico’s Health Clinic team at San Leandro it’s very professional and friendly. Really recommended!
    Emily Ngo
    First of all, the price is cheap comparing to other clinics in the area. It’s only $395 for the entire process. I got all my vaccines and lab tests done and brought the results to them and paid only $200. The process was punctual and quick. The clinic was clean and neat. Both doctor and receptionist were nice and helpful.
    Shahnaz Begum
    Dr Farah Rana is an amazing person, she get to patient minds very quick of the need and gives her best possible effort of comfort, My Mom was bit hesitant initially and after a minute she felt very relaxed by talking to Dr Farah. Some qualities in a doctor are very rare to find and i wish her to keep up the same pace in work. I would recommend this Dr and place for anyone and 1-1/2hrs max time i spend to get everything done.