• Gabriela Linares

    "Really nice experience. The Pacifico’s Health Clinic team at San Leandro it’s very professional and friendly. Really recommended! "

  • Emily Ngo

    "First of all, the price is cheap comparing to other clinics in the area. It’s only $395 for the entire process. I got all my vaccines and lab tests done and brought the results to them and paid only $200. The process was punctual and quick. The clinic was clean and neat. Both doctor and receptionist were nice and helpful. "

  • Shahnaz Begum

    "Dr Farah Rana is an amazing person, she get to patient minds very quick of the need and gives her best possible effort of comfort, My Mom was bit hesitant initially and after a minute she felt very relaxed by talking to Dr Farah. Some qualities in a doctor are very rare to find and i wish her to keep up the same pace in work. I would recommend this Dr and place for anyone and 1-1/2hrs max time i spend to get everything done. "

  • Nirmal Selvaraj

    "I was very impressed with the service and their treatment towards patients. Starting from the moment we entered till we left, they made sure that we do not wait for a long time and made sure that we moved along really quickly. Very professional and caring for their patients. Highly recommend the place. "

  • Bhupal Tekula

    "This is a good clinic, and I am very impressed with their work on my immigration exam. They have given the results so fast and the doctor Rana is very good professional. I definitely recommend this clinic for the people who need an immigration exam. "

  • Binayak Joshi

    "Easy go and easy out. Reasonable price for USCIS Medical in the Bay Area. They charge $395 for everything (including vaccinations) which was fairly cheaper compared to other clinics I called in the area. Dr. Farah Rana takes her time to know your medical history, past conditions, and makes you very comfortable during the physical. Oh and by the way, her assistant Carolina is amazing as well. Always smiling and gives you all the info needed for your i-693 and the process associated with it. I am very happy with their service. "

  • Beatriz Luzardo

    "I did my immigration medical check and all was good. The receptionists are kind and efficient and I had no delays aside from a little waiting for the first appointment. "